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Husband who saw wife die after tree crashes into house sues neighbors for $3.1 Million

The Oregonian

Dennis Elleson's lawsuit states that less than a year before his wife's death, he'd text messaged the neighbors asking that they remove the tree that grew on the edge of the neighbors' property because he feared it would fall onto his house.

The suit also states that Elleson spoke with the neighbors at least four times in the months leading up to the fatal incident, telling them the tree was lopsided and they needed to cut it down. [...]

Cyclist sues after Uber, private insurance fail to cover crash.

The Oregonian

Pavenko was cited for improper opening of a door. [...] Police recorded Pavenko's personal auto insurance information, but Root's attorney, Michael Colbach, said Pavenko's insurer wouldn't cover the liability because Pavenko was driving for hire at the time.


Willamette Week Newspaper
| Written by James Pitikin

Cyclist vs. New Seasons A horrific crash and a potential mayoral candidate's company.

On Thursday, May 12, a Multnomah County jury ruled against New Seasons and awarded $667,742 to Genevieve Luikart, a 26-year-old bicyclist who was struck by a New Seasons truck. [...] insurer refused to pay. "They tried to take advantage of a girl who had amnesia and was very badly injured," Colbach says.
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Portland Twilight Criterium rescued for this year, but could be on final lap
The Oregonian

August 6, 2009

"Normally lawyers in the same field are each other's competitors and don't team up on anything," he said. "But I figured, maybe we could come up with a non-traditional collection of people who thought the race was important." Of the attorneys he called, half responded with support. They are part of the reason the Twilight Criterium -- the only bike race staged downtown each year and one of the most popular for spectators anywhere in the state -- will happen Friday night. [...] In Mike Colbach of, Mark Ginsberg of Berkshire Ginsberg and Bob Mionske of, Thomas thought he might have willing partners. Colbach is a former racer who sponsors a team that shares his practice's name.

The Oregonian

Bicyclist hit by test driver wins $550,000 jury award

Colbach said Wednesday that the insurer had offered Boyd a settlement of $10,000. Last week, the offer was upped to $30,000.
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The Oregonian

Council to vote on settlement with ex-cadet: Portland police - The $200,000 would include the cost of a prosthesis for Erin Berry's finger

City documents recommending the settlement describe how an investigation into Berry's claim by the risk management office indicates a risk the city may be found liable. "Therefore, in order to avoid the risk of a large jury award, we feel it is prudent to compromise the lawsuit at this time," according to the documents.
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