Portland bicycle accident injury lawyer Mike Colbach

Free Oregon State Bar Attorney Referral Services and Oregon State Bar Member Research tool can help you find and retain a qualified and ethical Oregon attorney for any type of Oregon Law matter.

Before you retain an Oregon bicycle attorney, research the attorney for Oregon State Bar disciplinary history.

An attorney may have been previously disciplined or supspended for ripping off a client or other ethical issues you should know about before you retain an Oregon attorney.

The Oregon State Bar (OSB) Member research tool and the OSB will help you know that you are hiring an attorney who is clean of Bar Discplinary Actions.

The Oregon State Bar Member research tool:

  1. To research an attorney you are considering hiring all you need is the attorney's name.
  2. Using the free online Member Research Tool, once you've located the attorney by name, then click: "Show Disciplinary History" (underneeth Bar Member's Information) which will show the particular attorney's disciplinary history with Oregon State Bar disciplinary actions.


If you have questions, contact the Oregon State Bar disciplineonweb@osbar.org
503.431.6394, toll-free in Oregon 800.452.8260 x 394.