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Oregon State Bar Attorney Referral Service (Free)

They can help you find and retain a qualified and ethical Oregon bicycle accident attorney, or Oregon lawyer for any type of Oregon legal matter.

Oregon State Bar Disciplinary History Tool

Before you retain an Oregon bicycle accident attorney, you should know that they are in good professional standing and have not had ethical problems and disliple history.

You can research an attorney for past problems with Oregon State Bar disciplinary history tool in order to make sure your attorney has not been disclipined by the Oregon State Bar. An attorney may have been previously disciplined or supspended for ripping off a client or other ethical issues, legal malpractice, stealing money or other issues.

The Oregon State Bar Member research tool displays An Attorney's disciplinary history:

  1. To research an attorney you are considering hiring all you need is the attorney's name.
  2. Using the free online Member Research Tool, once you've located the attorney by name, then click: "Show Disciplinary History" (underneeth Bar Member's Information) which will show the particular attorney's disciplinary history with Oregon State Bar disciplinary actions.

You can request the Oregon State Bar attorney disciplinary decisions records which may provide you with additional information that may help resolve your own questions.

The Oregon State Bar website has helpful resources for the public on all types of legal areas. You will find a large number of articles on a wide variety of legal topics that may be of help to you. A large amount of helpful information and resources can be found here which is published for the public like, what to do in the case of an auto accident, deciding whether to fight a traffic ticket and what to expect if you do, understanding the Oregon legal system, Uninsured Drivers, Consumer Rights, Medical Malpractice, to if you have a problem with a lawyer, firing your lawyer, what you should do if you think your lawyer has acted improperly, unreasonable lawyer fee charges, if you think your lawyer committed malpractice or stolen money, and the steps that are involved in submitting an ethics complaint regarding an Oregon State Bar member lawyer with an thorough explaination of the process that occurs when an ethical complaint has been made that can eventually lead to a disciplinary action.

If you have questions, contact the Oregon State Bar
(503) 620-0222 or Inside Oregon: 1 (800) 452-8260