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 Proud to be a continued partner of the Monday Nights Bike Race Series at Portland International Raceway and series sponsor. team Presto Velo, bicycles for good causes

The Presto Velo team folks are always working on cycling for good causes. Health Bridges International started a cycling team with formerly abandoned boys in the city of Ica, Perú, The Casa Girasoles Cycling Team.

"The Casa Girasoles Cycling Team, it's more than just riding a bicycle. It is moving to a new life. It is a bridge to the future."

Hugh wanted better bicycles to send to this team. So, I am buying another 5 new bicycles for the team in 2022, which will be heading down in the Fall. (I bought 5 new bicycles from West End Bikes that Hugh picked out in 2021, in addition, I gave Hugh two of my old Hi-Fi wheels which Hugh sold and with the cash, secured enough parts to build and send two more bicycles for this awesome cycling team.

But in order to be eligible for participation in sanctioned events, the team must possess a "national" level of equipment and clothing. This includes a "high end" bicycle with disc brakes, integrated shifting, wheels and tires in an excellent operational state, and personal cycling equipment including a team jersey and shorts, matching socks and helmet.

We're working to provide the boys with equipment that is durable, efficient, and suitable for the extremely rough surfaces they encounter in the desert environment near Ica. We've specified a robust steel frame outfitted with sturdy wheels and tires, disc brakes, and a dependable, smooth-shifting gear train that can endure heavy use and help the boys to be competitive.

This Fall, five more brand new bikes which Hugh selected from West End Bikes will be heading to Perú to help get these cyclists on better bicycles to help them on their cycling goals.

Casa Grasoles cycling team sporting some of the new bicycles built by Hugh of the team and some of the new bicycles Mike donated built from West End Bikes.
Above: Casa Girasoles Cycling Team on some of the new bicycles and repurposed bicycles Huge built from assorted donated parts, and repurposed parts, in 2021.

In addition, I will be sending down 2 members of the team to their first Gravel Camp 2022 November 2-9. Hopefully we'll have some new pictures to add from that spectacular bicycle adventure!

This November, we are going to combine two loves together. We're holding a Gravel Cycling Camp over the dates of November 2-9. We will be based out of the Casa Girasoles in Ica and riding on some amazing gravel and dirt roads. One day will be a true adventure – rising to over 3,800 meters above sea-level on a gravel road in the Andes.


Great to see the Portland Twilight Criterium back in Portland Park Blocks after being gone for 12 years! Here's a flash back:

The Oregonian August 6, 2009 By Seth Prince

Portland Twilight Criterium rescued for this year, but could be on final lap

"Normally lawyers in the same field are each other's competitors and don't team up on anything," he said. "But I figured, maybe we could come up with a non-traditional collection of people who thought the race was important." Of the attorneys he called, half responded with support. They are part of the reason the Twilight Criterium -- the only bike race staged downtown each year and one of the most popular for spectators anywhere in the state -- will happen Friday night. [...] In Mike Colbach of, Mark Ginsberg of Berkshire Ginsberg and Bob Mionske of, Thomas thought he might have willing partners. Colbach is a former racer who sponsors a team that shares his practice's name.