Bicycle Attorney Michael A. Colbach Attorney at Law, PC  is a Portland, Oregon bicycle accident attorney and trial lawyer with proven results.

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Over $52 million in verdicts and settlements in 16 years.

Why should you hire Portland bicycle lawyer Michael Colbach? Proven Results. 

Protect Your Rights

You have been injured in a bicycle accident and you are worried about who is going to pay your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The last thing you want is to be taken advantage of by an insurance company.

If you don't protect your rights, you may not be able to make a claim. Insurance companies have attorneys and adjusters whose goal is to pay you as little as they can. You need an experienced Oregon bicycle accident attorney with PROVEN RESULTS to fight for you.

What Clients Say

I have now been represented by Mike for two separate cases after I had been hit by cars while I was riding my bike. His knowledge and experience was indispensable when dealing with the at fault driver's insurance companies and the PIP claims. -->More

client pic Ian Kennedy
5 star review posted on Google about Portland personal injury attorney Michael Colbach handling of her auto accident case
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He really is a specialist in bike law and pedestrian law too. My mom was hit by a car and his staff along with him took care of it leaving our family to concentrate on having my mom heal. I can't thank his staff and him enough. Luck had it, I got into a bike accident myself. Who came to my rescue? This law firm. -->More

client pic Elsa H
5 star review posted on Google about Portland personal injury attorney Michael Colbach handling of her auto accident case
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Mike worked with me settle to a claim after I was doored and hospitalized while riding my bike. Mike and his team helped me navigate the complex insurance and claim process and ensured that I received a fair settlement. -->More

client pic holder for Trig Rogers, bicyclist who was doored and injured. Trig Rogers
5 star review posted on Google about Portland personal injury attorney Michael Colbach handling of his bicycle accident case where he was doored and injured badly
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Michael A. Colbach Michael A. Colbach Attorney at Law, PC  is a Portland, Oregon bicycle accident attorney and trial lawyer with proven results.

Portland bicycle accident attorney chosen by legal colleagues as a super lawyer for over ten straight years

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Michael Colbach has 28 client reviews on Google with a 4.7 rating out of 5

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Oregon Bicycle Lawyer With Top Multnomah County Auto Accident Verdicts

I can make insurance companies pay when they do not want to by taking your case to a jury. 

Having an experienced Oregon bike accident attorney can make the difference between getting what you deserve and getting nothing.

A judge recently showed me the list of top Multnomah County motor vehicle verdicts. According to this list, two of the top ten verdicts are car accident cases that I tried to a jury. I have two of the top 4 Multnomah County auto accident jury verdicts since 2014. Some of these trials and verdicts were reported on by the Portland media:

An experienced and effective trial lawyer can make the difference.

I am an experienced, aggressive trial lawyer who has tried over 140 jury trials. I have 30 years of courtroom experience. In November of 2022 I will have been practicing personal injury law for 20 years. I am not afraid to take your case to trial if that is what it takes to maximize the amount of money you recover for your personal injury. I offer one-on-one service, and I will not hand your case off to an inexperienced associate or paralegal.

Without the threat of a lawyer who is willing to go to trial and seek a big jury verdict, why would an insurance company pay you what your claim is really worth?

Lawsuits can be expensive. Many people do not have the money to pursue their claim. In every case, I advance all costs associated with pursuing your case. I do not ask you for a penny until we recover from the other side.

Hire an attorney who is also a cyclist.

I am a former road and cyclocross racer and current bicycle commuter. I started riding seriously in the mid 1990's when I sold my car and used my bicycle to commute from Wilsonville to Portland daily. When I moved into Portland in the late 1990's I began racing bicycles to get in the miles. I raced for the Presto Velo team, which is now the team and I am their main cash sponsor.

I have raced stage races, crits, time trials, and cyclocross. I have put in over 30,000 miles on my bike and know what it is like to have to deal with careless drivers.

I try very hard to help injured cyclists, as oftentimes motorists try and blame the cyclists just because they are on a bike.

Unlike many lawyers, I know how expensive bicycles can be.

I work hard to make sure you are fully compensated for your bicycle damage. I know what it is like to spend thousands of dollars on a bicycle only to have it damaged by someone else.

I work closely with local bicycle shops to try and get you full replacement value for your damaged bicycle and bicycle gear.

Proven Results. 1-On-1 Service.

I am not afraid to take your case to trial if that is what it takes to maximize your Oregon bicycle accident insurance recovery. I offer one-on-one service, and I wil not hand your case off to an inexperienced lawyer or a paralegal.

Reduce the stress of making an insurance claim.

Bicycle accident injuries can turn your life upside down. Making an insurance claim can be difficult and time consuming.

Once I take your case, you can stop worrying about dealing with the insurance companies and focus on recovering from your bicycle accident injuries. I take care of all of the paperwork, phone calls, and negotiations, so you can get on with your life.

I want bicyclists to get the best possible legal representation

Please email me if you are looking for an experienced bicycle attorney in any other state. I will try to help you find an experienced bicycle attorney in any other state at no charge to you. I network with many top USA bike attorneys who are also dedicated long time cyclists themselves such as Seattle bicycle accident attorney Bob Anderton of Washington Bike Law, Kurt Holzer in Boise, Idaho bicycle accident attorney.

Learn more about free Oregon State Bar legal resources like the Oregon State Bar Attorney Research Tool & Referral Services to help you find and retain a reputable Oregon attorney ensuring that the attorney has never been disciplined by the Oregon State Bar.  

What To Do After a Bike Accident

At the scene:

  • Get the driver's contact information as well as insurance information.
  • It is important to also get the names and contact information of any witnesses.
  • Pictures at the accident scene can also be very useful in conveying the truth of what happened later on.
  • If you are too injured to get the above info, try to ask anyone at the scene for help.
  • Seek medical attention.

Oregon Accident Report

If you are involved in an auto accident in Oregon, you must file an Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report with Oregon DMV within 72 hours when:

  • Damage to any vehicle is over $2,500 (even if your vehicle was the only one in the crash)
  • Any vehicle is towed from the scene
  • when injury and or death resulted in the auto accident
  • Damages to anyone's property other than a vehicle involved in this accident is more than $2,500.
  • If you were in an accident and the damages were less than $2,500, you can report to DMV if the other party doesn't have insurance. Be sure to clearly note on the accident report that it doesn't meet mandatory reporting criteria.

Oregon DMV Accident Reporting and Responsibilities

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I handle cases on a contingency fee basis. This means:  You don't owe me a legal fee unless I recover money for you.