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Interesting back story about the last Portland Twilight Criterium 2009

The Oregonian August 6, 2009 By Seth Prince

Portland Twilight Criterium rescued for this year, but could be on final lap

"Normally lawyers in the same field are each other's competitors and don't team up on anything," he said. "But I figured, maybe we could come up with a non-traditional collection of people who thought the race was important." Of the attorneys he called, half responded with support. They are part of the reason the Twilight Criterium -- the only bike race staged downtown each year and one of the most popular for spectators anywhere in the state -- will happen Friday night. [...] In Mike Colbach of, Mark Ginsberg of Berkshire Ginsberg and Bob Mionske of, Thomas thought he might have willing partners. Colbach is a former racer who sponsors a team that shares his practice's name.