“Beer, bikes, and legal representation....what more could a racing team ask for?”


 Proud to be a contributing partner of the Monday Nights Bike Race Series at Portland International Raceway and series sponsor of ALL WOMENS RACERS FROM ALL TEAMS RIDE FOR $10.

Monday Night Racing at Portland International Raceway (PIR) - women - 4/22/2019

Just Another Reason Why I LOVE This Team

Ending 2017 IN A HUGE Way!

Representing Team BicycleAttorney.com
Ann Kennedy - Belgium
2nd place at the UCI Masters Cyclocross World Championships

January 2017

We'd like to welcome our new co-sponsor Ecliptic Brewing and thank HUB - Hopworks Urban Brewery for many years of sponsorship.

January 2016

We'd like to welcome our new co-sponser Western Bike Works and thank Kevin Chudy of Bike N Hike for years of his support and dedication to the Oregon bicycle community and Oregon bike racing. We wish him a happy retirement with lots of bike riding.


Some History

Bicycleattorney.com is the web site of Michael A. Colbach, the Portland, Oregon bicycle accident lawyer featured on this site (and the attorney on the home page). Michael A. Colbach is the main cash sponsor of the Bicycleattorney.com/racing. The owner and operator of Bike n' Hike is Kevin Chudy who actually sponsored Mike's team when he used to race bikes on the Presto Velo Cycling Team which is now also the bicycleattorney.com cycling team which they sponsored together through 2015 in conjunction with HUB - Hopworks Urban Brewery.

In the Fall of 2015 after closing the Portland store, Kevin Chudy, owner of Bike N Hike, announced his retirement and closing of the Beaverton, Milwaukie, and Hillsboro stores. Bike N Hike Corvalis and Albany are not changing, still being run by the company's founders Al and Dorothy French.

January 2016 we are pleased to announce our new co-sponsor bike shop Western Bike Works.

Learn more about the team's legend and origin on their website.

More History

Sports Illustrated 1967 article was shared by Alpenrose - the article tells the story about the building of the Alpenrose Velodrome for the Nationals as well as a background to all the things that Alpenrose does for cycling and the community.

RACING THROUGH DAIRYLAND A private company startled promoters and competitors with a brand-new high-banked track, making the National Bicycle Championships the most pleasant on record.

Frans Pauwels, the Portland organizer of the championships, and a big wheel in Oregon cycling, is still somewhat stunned by Alpenrose Dairy's outpouring of largesse. "I just came to Carl to ask for some trophies, and so...," he says, waving sort of helplessly at the track, stands and tents. >> full article

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