Colorado Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Your auto insurance policy may help you even when you are on your bike or walking as a pedestrian, and even if you don't own a car. With this type of insurance coverage you may be able to get protection not only for your medical bills, wage loss, damages, also hit and run and uninsured or under insured motorist collisions. Increasingly there are options available for cyclists even when you don't own a car. To top it off, you may even have some liability coverage. Talk to your insurance agent about the options available to you.

If you have been injured in a bicycle v. car wreck, talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Colorado has many achievments as a bicycle friendly state, so of course there are some excellent bicycle crash attorneys who are dedicated and experienced cyclists themselves. Megan Hottman, a Colorado bicycle wreck personal injury lawyer and a Cat 1 racer who exclusively represents cyclists. Colorado Bicycle Law is another well respected law firm with a lot of history of supporting bicycle racing and cyclists. One of the top Denver personal injury attorneys is also a Denver Bicycle Accident Lawyer with some demonstrated results on behalf of cyclists.

Colorado Bicycle Riders Have Safety In Numbers

A recent study from the University of Colorado Denver found an inverse correlation between the number of bicyclists on a road and the number of bicycle-vehicle collisions. Increasing the number of bicyclists that use a transportation network improves their visibility on the street, which likely increases the awareness of bicyclists among motorists. This phenomenon is known as 'safety in numbers' and is likely the case in Denver and throughout Colorado where cycling is a popular mode of transportation.

Many Colorado cities embrace cycling and the city of Fort Collins is actually a Platinum Bicycle Friendly Business, a deisgnation from the League of American Bicyclists.

"A bicycle culture is key in defining the fabric of what makes Fort Collins a great place to live, work and play. We know it is a primary means of transportation for many, a major form of recreation for most, and a significant factor in attracting new businesses and new residents," stated Mayor Weitkunat. "Our City works alongside many community organizations to build a seamless bikeway network and ensure a safe cycling community. We are proud to accept this Platinum designation. Bicycling is a community value and a way of life in Fort Collins."

What Makes Colorado A GREAT Bike State?

Kids like these are leading the way!

A class of second graders in Fort Lupton have taken a project so seriously, that on Monday they will be officially addressing the city council. The mission -- save lives.

2 Velodromes

Colorado Springs Velodrome 7-11 Olympic Center

Boulder Valley Velodrome


Colorado Mountain Biking

Mountain biking opportunities abound throughout Colorado and it is a great way to see and appreciate the many different spectacular landscapes that are Colorado. Durango, Colorado has many routes to satisfy the beginner or the experienced mountain biker alike. Plenty of trails to hop on around Denver which may lead you to Golden, Steamboat Springs, Boulder and places near to explore a cool trail. Jefferson County Colorado has a ton of open spaces for mountain biking covers more than 54,000 acres, includes 28 regional parks and boasts a trail system that spans 230 miles.

Road Racing


While there is no race in 2016, we're hopeful that athe USA Pro Challenge will return bigger and better than ever.

Where pros ride you can ride too
list of great rides that you can do that were features of the USA Pro Challenge.

Tour de Fat

Colorado's New Belgium Brewery traveling celebration of "all things bicycle."