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I have been practicing law since 1994, and I have tried many personal injury cases representing both plaintiffs and defendants. I will protect your right if you were injured by the actions of another.

Now, I only represent seriously injured people. My prior experience as a defense attorney allows me to know exactly what insurance company adjusters and defense lawyers are trying to accomplish as they try to minimize or eliminate an injured person's right of a fair recovery.

Over the years, I have handled numerous bicycle and motorcycle accident cases for adults and children with successful results.

Hire an attorney who is also a cyclist.
Colorado is the best place to ride a bicycle in my opinion. I have been an avid cyclist for the last 22 years. I ride all over the front range on the roads and trails. In fact, during the week I am frequently riding up Lookout Mountain or on the popular mountain bike trails in Jefferson County.

I've ridden in dozens of charity and group rides including the Triple Bypass. I routinely ride 3,000 or more miles a year on roads, bike paths and trails, and know all too well what it feels like to get run off the road or otherwise harassed by insensitive motorists. Many of my closest friends are cyclists and I have represented them in bicycle accidents throughout Colorado.

IN THE NEWS 8/23/2013
Uninsured Motorist Coverage May Protect You in a Hit and Run Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accident attorney Brian Weiss has handled numerous bicycle accident cases, always on the side of the injured cyclists. He has heard all sorts of explanations from drivers. “The most common are ‘I didn’t see him, the sun was in my eyes, or another car cut me off and forced me to go there (into the path of a cyclist). None are effective defenses.” Weiss’ goal in court is to prove the driver’s negligence. That is, that “the driver was just not paying as much attention as he should,” says Weiss.

Colorado state law says that drivers must allow three feet of space when passing cyclists. – 42-4-1002, CRS

Weiss suggests a few ways to protect yourself. “Look at your auto insurance policy. Frequently the medical portion covers bicycling as well. There are also non-owner  auto policies if you want insurance but don’t own a car.” Just as with auto accidents, having underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage attached to your auto policy may protect you if you are the victim of a hit and run accident on your bicycle – such as Norris was.